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All our fitters have extensive knowledge in fitting pointe shoes for dancers of all ages and abilities and stem from professional dance backgrounds.

To speak with a fitter, schedule a fitting, or place an order, contact us at (866) MY-FREED ext 114, 115, 124 or 112 (customs)

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General Pointe Shoe Fitting Tips:

  • The foot should first be examined barefoot both flat on the floor and in tendu to judge the width of the metatarsal for determining the appropriate box shape, width, and style.
  • The shoes should fit snug inside the box, with the block cupping the toes.
  • When on flat in demi-plie, the dancer should feel three points of the foot's "triangle" on the floor- the little toe joint, the big toe joint, and the center of the heel
  • When en pointe, the sole of the shoes should be directly underneath and in line with the foot. If it is twisting away, that usually means the shoes are too narrow.


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